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The Chess Social Coin - Chesscoins

Social Chesscoins are a form of currency which allow us to translate the value of social activity into hard currency. Instead of a website trying to get you to click on random stuff so they get paid. We flip the equation we pay you for using our social chess network.

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now. Blockchains are everywhere and the peer to peer dis-establishment movement is in full swing. I'm not interested in bringing about a social revolution but rewarding value in social which in turns rewards social value, so if that means we have a social revolution then so be it.

I built a simple but scalable blockchain for the chess social network, Chess Club Live. The members of the community can "mine" social chesscoins by performing social activity and are rewarded by fractions of chesscoins, also users who want to see this in action go to the Chess Club Live Blockchain..

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