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The Bearish and Bullish Chess Candlestick

Caruana pushes his pawn tentatively onto the e6 square, sacrificing it in a stunning piece of attacking chess, Carlsen stares at the board, his share price plummets as chess traders exposed try to dump Carlsen stock in a bearish chess market. Meanwhile Caruana's stock continues to rise. He is now 2 chesscoins per share from an opening on 1 chesscoin per share to the dollar exchange. Good game.

Is this some fiction? How can we trade stocks in chess players? Well it is has been done already is live and records the share prices of all elite chess players in the world. It was the idea of the team behind ChessHot, ChessBidder, and Chess Club Live yours truly. Like many of my ideas I have a very strong visual of the intended end goal. This one was no different, active chess performances are like share prices they ebb and flow like volatile stock. The ELO is not performance it is an inference from historic results, it does not assess active performance or current form let alone future form.

I created a really cool way of assessing the performance of chess players by a series of harmonic modulation calculations which brought many surprising results.

1. Carlsen was virtually never #1 Best Performing player. His elo is support for his stock price but the resistance is so great he never gets

2. The elo system surpresses women's achievements massively. The TPR of women shows the best daily performances by women in Chess are often the most impressive performances in the world.

3. Chess Performances and relative chess Improvement of a player are a good indicators of the value of that chess player and therefore their share price.

Go to and see if you can get registered, buy some chesscoins and start trading not chess pieces but chess players.Good luck!

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