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Facebook Just Got Checkmated in Selfmate #DeleteFacebook

If you are reading this on Facebook you are either a hopeless addict who has convinced yourself it is for the greater good and keeping in touch with the family you never talk to, hoping for a big payout in the inevitable class action on behalf of Facebook users or you are an ignorant idiot who has not a care in the world and has the time for browsing chess news among other pointless activities in your lazy existence.

Seriously what the fork are you still doing on Facebook? What does Mark have to do to make you realise he never cared about you and the privacy of your data. He's done it before and he'll do it again.

I remember when he developed this stupid messenger app for playing chess, it was so bad it was embarrassing, this guy's supposed to be a genius and he created something a kindergarten would think reject as being to simple for it's children. It was so buggy that people were messaging on my chess page for help on how to use the app. Absolutely ridiculous.

Mark Zuckerberg lets us face it has not an original bone in his body nor is he particularly smart. A man who built a social media platform on an idea stolen from others, twinned with his total disregard for ethics. Shame on you if you think there is nothing for him to apologise for, if so you are even more stupid than I thought.

Facebook manipulates everything you see. If you want to try it out create a page with about 50,000 fans and post something and see how many even know that you posted anything. Even your home feed is a work of fiction because if it isn't fake news it's paid news.

I know I've been creating and maintaining Facebook pages for far too many years and know about the steady decline in reality on Facebook. A fellow page owner told me they knew the secret of optimising the number of times a post would be seen or read by fans of his page was by posting less. They were convinced that Mark would let their posts be seen by more people (fans of his page) if he didn't post too many times. What an idiot, that was never the idea of Facebook for you and your favourite page  to be connected at no cost, they have ads for that. So if your intention is to get chess news and you insist on staying on Facebook don't expect any Chess page to do that for you on a regular basis no matter how much or little they post. Mark changes the rules to suit Mark.

You can leave your mark by deleting Facebook and leaving Mark. At least you'll be the one saying "Checkmate" in that scenario.


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