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Increase Your Chess Elo Overnight with the World's Greatest Chess App

I had given up trying to improve my chess elo, when I realised that the people I was playing on,, ICC, FICS were probably all cheating. I switched to and FIDE Online Arena and discovered that the people on there were just better at playing chess than me. I briefly considered throwing my laptop in the bin, unliking all Chess social media in general, uninstalling all my chess apps on my smartphone. I felt like a chess loser, I was a losing at my favourite game and I was rock bottom. Then just as I closed the door on online chess forever I clicked on the last app on my smartphone to uninstall, can app called Perfect Chess. My finger hovered over the icon, I remember that this app was something of a work of creative genius, like amazing. I build apps two and I'm a programmer and I thought it was incredible.

I clicked on the icon to run the app to see what had made me get it in the first place. Ah it was a "swiss army knife of chess applications", I had loaded pgns of 17 years of online games from FICS, 5 years of Lichess games, 2 years of Fide Online Arena games.

The beauty of the app was that you can customise it with your own games which it analyses for mistakes and blunders and challenges you to find the best moves in positions you played badly. This and this alone is what will improve your chess in leaps and bounds. Functionally it is designed to perfection. One place for all your chess training. Openings, Tactics, Strategic Themes, Endgames. Complete games with commentary, training positions, train, test, transform your chess thinking. Imagine the power at your finger tips that you can play through the position you misplayed over last few years and improve by correcting your erroneous thought processes.

The genius behind this incredible app is Michael Bartl. I exchange some emails with him a few years ago with feedback on what was an incredible app then but I thought he could go next level. Heard nothing from him then suddenly he released his current version of the app. I literally wept, it's that good.

If you are an amateur player and you dabble with ChessBase products then this app is for you. It will not only give you purpose for your ChessBase cbh databases but it will allow you to customise your training like never before. You can take your repertoire database and have the opening statistical information at your finger tips, as well as being able to leverage this information on a super lightweight mobile app.

If a chess amateur and you don't have ChessBase products then don't worry you don't need them with this app you get all that functionality essentially for free.

 You could potentially gain huge amounts of elo if you actually consistently study your old games and focus on the thinking that made you miss a tactic, play a strategic error, or your habit of choosing the less than accurate variations. 

I still avoid playing cheats on,, FICS and ICC. and FIDE Online Arena at least make an effort to root out cheaters and make for a much fairer playing environment.

I hope to gain 1,000 elo points in 1 month as a conservative estimate. Watch out online chess hustlers!

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